2011 ALCS Social Mixer

During a rain-delayed game in the American League Championship Series, the game producers ran out of footage to play during the break. As a result, this footage was dug up of Rangers pitcher, the eligible CJ Wilson. Ladies listen up…

I love this video for many reasons. It’s adorable! In the spirit of full disclosure, baseball makes me cry happy tears because sometimes the players are just. so. precious. I feel like they are realizing their childhood dream of playing in the major leagues, and it just very satisfying to see that. Plus I have an emotional attachment to the sport, since I grew up watching the Rangers and I have a lot of memories that revolve around the team and the stadium. This video just seems like such a “real” glimpse into these players lives. I think the reason fans like to see things like this video is because it reminds us that these players are still real people who just have cool jobs. I also like this video because it ties in nicely to this blog. I’d love it if there were more of these videos online. So often in sports you only get to see the facts about these players – age, height, weight, stats, hometown, but this “online dating profile” video lets you in on so much more. 

The key to social media is being a completely transparent company, and providing your customers with inside information they can’t get from typical marketing measures. So why should sports teams limit the transparency to their front office operations? Posting more of these player “dating profile” videos online can help fans create more of a meaningful connection with your team. Through the use of a special section on Web sites, a YouTube channel, or even a weekly “get to know your Rangers” segment on Twitter or Facebook, fans can pick out their favorite players based on factors other than how they are performing on the field. Of course all videos don’t have to be in this same “dating profile” format, in fact, I think the married players might not be psyched to submit one, and while this format appeals to the single ladies, you can’t neglect the bulk of your target market which is still men. 

It is good filler footage for television, and if it is incorporated with the team’s Web site, it can provide more in depth interaction between the site and fans.


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