Where my girls at?

Please forgive the preposition at the end of the above sentence, I’m just quoting my favorite one hit wonder 702.

For a sports team to plan their new media strategy, it is important to note how their target markets are utilizing the media in which they are planning to advertise. Typically for sports teams, that target market is males 18 to 35, but since we are on Marry Me Bradford, let’s take a look at the two big social media guys, Facebook and Twitter, and how ladies are using these outlets to connect with their favorite teams. 

So the main thing that stood out to me, is the breakdown of gender on each of the sites. In both cases, there are more women using the technology than men. I think this is particularly important to note because if teams see social media as a good way to reach their target market of men, then it should be inferred because of these figures, that it is an effective way to reach women as well. 

Another piece of information that stood out to me was the percentage of people who follow a brand on Facebook and the number who follow brands via Twitter. These two numbers are 40 percent and 25 percent, respectively. People are more apt to follow a brand on Facebook than they are on Twitter, however when you look at the percentage of people who are likely to buy the brands they are interacting with, those who follow brands on Twitter are more likely to turn to those brands when it is time to make a purchase. Although the number of people who interact with a brand via Twitter is lower than that of Facebook, the relationship that users are creating via Twitter is stronger, and results in a sale of the followed product 67 percent of the time. I do wish this graphic broke down these two metric further into who is purchasing (men or women) based on who is following what brand, but it is a good base on which executives can begin the conversation about how they want to reach out and communicate via social media.




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