A New and Unlikely Platform

The idea behind Pinterest is that people can express themselves by posting their image collections. It serves as a trading venue for people to view their friends and family’s photo collections and discover new items in a social setting. The founder of Pinterest Ben Silbermann describes the site and the other social media Goliaths (Facebook and Twitter) as “self-expression engines.” Silbermann developed the site as a tool in which he and his wife could share things they like with their family, but didn’t have a business plan to back it up. Of course we know Facebook started as a school project that is now anticipated to be worth millions, so Silbermann in an article for USA Today doesn’t rule the possibility of future sponsored posts from which advertisers can benefit.

When I think of Pinterest, I think of a forum on which I can share my craft ideas, completed projects, potential DIY projects and interior design inspirations;however, Jeff Berman, leader of the NFL Digital team, in an article on Mashable suggests that NFL football clubs are watching this social platform. He even claims to have a few good ideas on how they could potentially use the media.

“One that I think has enormous potential is Pinterest, and I see a lot of things that we could do in Pinterest that could be really fun for our fans.”

As  a Pinterest user, I thought I could branch out from the ideas I already have about Pinterest as a lady-dominated storage space for my crafting aspirations, and try to suggest a few areas where the NFL might be able to leverage the platform to engage their fans, especially the all important lady-fans that I talk about here.

1. Quotes: I really like finding a great graphically beautiful quote online, saving it to my phone, and looking at it on my lock screen for weeks at a time. Pinterest is full of them, and I have included a few of my favorites. So many players and coaches are known for their words of wisdom, and the NFL franchises should capitalize on these pearls. They can make them into a jpeg file, upload to their Pinterest page, and hopefully encourage people to share these.

2. Creative Photos: Luckily, sports lend themselves to visually stimulating photography, and Pinterest is all about visually stimulating content. A pin board (a single collection within a user’s, or in this case a team’s, entire Pinterest collection) of great photos can encourage people to browse and maybe even share your content around the site.

3. Showcase their Super Fans: Super Fans go all out to show their fanaticism – painting their bodies, making signs, decorating their homes – and this photo driven platform would be a great way to showcase their efforts in a visual way.

4. Tailgate Ideas: Regardless of the sport, people tend to experience events with their close social groups. Whether they watch at home or live at the game, food and drink is a big part of the whole experience. A team can show photos of great tailgating set ups and link to recipes for games.


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