I’m not a Sam Bradford fan-girl…

Don’t get me wrong! Sam Bradford, quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, is handsome, athletic and hasn’t yet gone the way of other dog-fighting, super-model dating, concussion rattled NFL quarterbacks, which makes him a more desirable husband than some other professional football players — I’m just not that into him. I like sports, I like studying advertising, I like cute videos online, and I am fascinated by incorporating all these things into making professional sports more accessible to women.  

Enter marrymebradford, a blog about professional sports using new media to reach out to women. I was inspired to write this blog during the 2011 NFL preseason. While watching a Rams vs. Chiefs game, a lucky fan-girl (again, not me) had her “Marry Me Bradford” sign autographed by her crush. She is overwhelmed by the gesture, breaks into tears, and leaves the stadium. 

Whether the girl was raised a Rams fan, or is newly converted to Rams fan-dom, she is likely a fan for life now. Luckily, her experience was caught on camera, and one version of the video was viewed more than 140,000 times online under the melodramatic title “1 Moment in Time…” The video elicited comments from fans such as:

The on-field promotional crew may have had the goal of enhancing this one fan’s game experience, but through the use of new media they were fortunate enough to have this moment spread to all of their fans, especially women who may identify with the star-struck emotions that you feel when meeting your celebrity crush. This blog will explore more instances in which sports teams have (maybe inadvertently) appealed to their women fans and how they can gear their existing social media to appeal more towards women.


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